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Located 5 mins from Tottenham Hale Station (Victoria Line & Stansted Express) in North London, Bally Studios Rehearsal Studios offers a friendly service, competitive and transparent pricing, great equipment, free parking, clean rooms, sharp service and a warm welcome.

We are a small, independent company.  We become friends with a lot of the people who come to the Studios, and we get a lot of enjoyment out of working here.   

We have at the moment 50 bands who come to the studio on a weekly or monthly basis, as well as about 60 others that come sporadically.  Each and every one we are proud to have as our customers, no matter how many albums they have recorded, what style of music they play, or how big their fan base.  A warm welcome, and a cup of tea, awaits every band who is looking at rehearsing or recording at Bally Studios. 

Past and current clients who use our studios include:

The Kinks, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Keane, Lemar, Bernard Butler, Bombay Bicycle Club, Bay City Rollers, Shane McGowan & The Popes, Afro Celt Soundsystem, Caribou, Domino Records, Island Records, Universal, EMI, Sony Records, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky TV

We really care about the studios, and care about the people that come here.  Not as a sales spiel, but because we're in bands ourselves, and we feel that a place that is run well is a joy to rehearse in, and we intend to  make it that way for our customers. We think it's easier to put extra effort in, and run a great studio, as opposed to having to advertising for extra bands to come. Between 2005 and 2012, 94% of bands that came to us once, ended up coming back over 5 times, with 40% of them coning back over 15 times.  We still have 12 bands that were coming to us in 2005 that still come to us at the back end of 2012.  We hope it shows how much effort we put into making sure that the studios are as great a place to rehearse as possible.      Photos of the studios are here

Our rehearsal slots cost from 30 - 36 for 4 hours in the daytime, and from 38 - 46 per 4 hour slot on the weekend and evening.  The larger the room, the more it costs.   All equipment is included.  No extra fees, no hidden tax or booking fee's, no funny business.   More details for the rehearsal costs here

We have a small shop here that sells guitar strings, drumsticks, plectrums, guitar cables, straps, as well as a tuck shop that sells soft drinks chocolate, crisps and other snacks.   More details on our shop here


We also provide 24 track, live recording. We have a "no-edit rule!"  We record things live, raw, in an honest way.  We can do overdubs, but if you want things chopped and changed, we don't do that.   We stick to what we do well, and we think we do it very well.  More details on the recordings here 

We also let people come in and take over the studios and conduct sessions themselves.  If you're someone who has always wanted to set up a Recording Studios, but don't have the time or money to set your own one up, why not use ours?!   

If you're based in London, Tottenham Hale is 11 mins from Kings Cross, so it's not as far as you'd think.  More details on where we are located.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the Rehearsal Studios.  We have quality sound systems and equipment in all rooms, good drum kits and all of the PA's are at least 2 x 1,000 watts, and all rooms are cleaned everyday, without fail.  Teas and coffees are included in our prices.  We also do a regular blog that about our experiences in the unsigned music industry.

Practicing alone?  We offer solo sessions (also includes guitar practice, giving guitar lessons or singing along to a backing track) for very competitive rates.

Here are links to our Spotify Playlist, our Twitter feed and our MySpace account

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Some studios start with a big injection of cash, but Bally Studios has grown steadily, organically, over many years.  We started off by selling our guitars, and going to the Princes Trust to get a small loan. We started with 2 studios in 2005,  added a 3rd in 2006, a 4th in 2007, and a 5th in 2009. We added a recording studio in 2010, and a separate mixing suite in 2012.    It's taken a lot of hard work, but we are happy with the results. We know how hard it is to build something that is creative, and we want to help the bands that come to us to do the same thing.   We've created a little timeline of how everything has developed at the studios.

We are also very proud of our ethical stance that we always make sure we keep ourselves to. Here is a page that explains how the Studios isn't just a way to make money, it's a chance for us to help people who we come into contact with.

Thanks for viewing our studios websites.   We hope to see you over here soon.

Jimmy Mulvihill, Francesca De Luca , Mark Edwards & Christopher Pinkston

 Welcome to Bally Studios!!