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***If you've never been to Bally Studios before, please read the following information.  It could save you a bit of time in finding the place*** 

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ere for a photographic guide on how to get from the tube station to the Studios

Public Transport

Here is a tube map so you can see where Tottenham Hale is in comparison to other tube stations.  

And here is a map to show connections to Tottenham Hale train station


Most of the people who use the studios live in London.  We've selected some locations at random and checked how long it takes to get to Tottenham Hale from them.   Hopefully, it'll give you an impression of roughly how long it will take to get to the studio from where you are based.  

Acording to TFL Journey Planner, journey times are:

Finsbury Park = 7 mins
Highbury and Islington = 11 mins
Liverpool Street = 12mins
Kings Cross = 13 mins
Oxford Circus = 17 mins
Camden Town = 24 mins
Old Street = 24mins
Arnos Grove = 25mins
Barking = 26mins
Brixton = 29mins
Notting Hill = 30mins
Earls Court = 33mins
Kilburn = 35mins
Ealing Broadway = 45mins
Richmond = 53mins

These times are accurate, but they are the shortest usual routes.  Obviously pesky signal problems and what-not will make it a bit longer.  Oh, and remember to add 6 mins, as that's the extra walking time at the end of your journey

So I want to go to Tottenham Hale to use your studios.   Is it far?

Well, as the times above show, probably not too far.  Many people might be of the impression that Tottenham is at the back of beyond, yes?   But now then, let's put that straight.    Have a glance at the tube map, and you'll see that Tottenham Hale is only 4 stops away from Kings Cross. 

4 stops?!?!  I thought it was further.   

Nope, just the 4 stops.  The Transport for London website says it's only 13 mins from Kings Cross on the Victoria Line, and we tend to agree with that.  Actually, that was the time it took on the old trains, and since they have been upgraded, they are a lot quicker now, so it could be even less.  Generally speaking, many people regard Kings Cross as pretty convenient when it comes to transport, (it's even pretty convenient for Paris!) and we're just 13 mins away from there.  Led Zeppelin did drum solos longer than that.  In fact, here's a little photo we took of the sign at Tottenham Hale Tube Station 

I can't quite make our the train times I'm, afraid...

Oh sorry, here's a closer view

Ah that's better. What time is the station open until?

Here's another photo.


So if you finish at 11pm, leave the Studio at 11:10pm, and walk to the station in 6 mins, you'll be there about 11:15pm - 11:20pm, about 50 mins before the last train goes to central London.  And more than enough time to catch your interconnecting train. And the Victoria line connects with every other tube line, apart from the Waterloo & City and DLR. 

So it's on the Victoria line?

Yep, the same Victoria Line that's had all the recent investment, new trains, new platforms, new escalators.  Tottenham Hale is one of the few stations that is 100% wheelchair accessible too, as the train pulls right up to the platform, and it has lifts too. The Victoria line is, officially, the fastest of all of the tube lines. The new trains are even faster. 

I see, so it's not far from Kings Cross?  


Good. I have never been to Tottenham before, I must admit.   I always had the impression is was only easy to get to from certain parts of London....

Well, to be fair, not too many people have a reason to go to Tottenham, but it is a great transport hub.  From March 2011, it has even better transport connections.    Thanks to the new East London line and Overground connections at Highbury & Islington, which we are only 3 stops and 7 mins from, we are within a stones throw of direct links to lots of extra areas in London.   From the trendy parts of East London that are Shorditch, Hoxton, Haggerston, Whitechapel and Dalston, to the leafy parts of North London that are Cannonbury and Hampstead Heath, to some of North West London's finest areas such as Kilburn, West Hampstead, Brondesbury,   the banking commenter belts of Rotherhithe, Canada Water, Surrey Quays, the South London areas of Crystal Palace, Sydenham, New Cross Gate, Denmark Hill, Peckham Rye, even going so far as to the affluent areas of West London such as Richmond, Kew Gardens and Gunnersbury, and all the way to London Satellite towns such as Croydon.   All of these areas have regular and cheap direct links to Highbury and Islington, and we are 7 mins away, and 3 mins, from there, so as you can imagine, we are very well connected to North, North West, West, South and East London.  You get the benefits of being near a good transport hub, but also the cheaper benefits of being a little bit away from it.  If the studio were in Highbury and Islington, the rents would be twice the amount, so that 7 mins of extra travelling means a much cheaper rehearsal for you. To illustrate how near Highbury and Islington is to the studios, once, in 2012, Jimmy had a recording session that overran, and he was due to attend a gig that night at the Buffalo Bar, which is right next to Highbury and Islington Station. He sprinted from the studios to the station in about 3 mins, ran down the escalator, and as he got to the bottom, the train doors were just closing. He managed to squeeze onto the train, the train took 7 mins to get to the station, he jumped off the train, sprinted up the steps and ran into the venue just as the band was starting their set. It took, in total, 12 mins from being in the office at the studios to being inside the Buffalo Bar. Naturally, that was about as quick as you could ever hope to do it, and I would estimate that 20-25 mins would be a better time frame to do it in, but that is in honest story, and just goes to show how close we are.

Tottenham Hale is also only 1 stop and 2 mins away from Blackhorse Rd, which is also on the new and improved Overground line.  The Overground line goes through Gospel Oak, Upper Holloway, Crouch Hill,  Haringay Green Lanes, South Tottenham, Walthamstow Queens Road, Leyton Midland Road, Leytonstone High Road, Wanstead Park, Woodgrange and Barking. The service for this line has now been doubled from 2 to 4 trains an hour, so you won't have long to wait, 15 mins at the most, and probably only about 5-10 mins.  The trains are outside too, so you'll get a nice view while you're on the train, and be out in the open air.  You go to Blackhorse Rd, then from there it's only 2 mins and 1 stop to Tottenham Hale, or a 800 metres walk/bus ride on the 123 or 230  Plus, it's all Oyster Card friendly.  So if you are on any of those stops, which include a lot of East London and North London, you are not too far away.  Add to this that we are only 2 stops away from Finsbury Park, which has direct links to Potters Bar and Hertfordshire, and the fact that Tottenham hale is on the Victoria and the mainline services, it all means that Tottenham Hale is definitely one of the most underrated transport links in London.  It's also on the Stansted Express line that links Liverpool Street with Stansted Airport.

Are the trains expensive?

Not at all.    If you get a 1-4 travelcard/osytercard travelcard, it's all included in your travelcard cost.  It's also the same as a journey from anywhere in central London. (It's £2.70 Monday to Friday from 0630 to 0930 and from 16:00 to 19:00, and £2.40 all other times for a single)  They take oyster cards too, and with 8 trains an hour to and from Liverpool Street, as well as 2 trains an hour to and from Stratford, it's not too long for a wait usually.  That line also links you to a lot of other places....

Other places?  

It has direct links with, places like Cambridge, Stansted, Kings Lynn, Harlow Town, Cheshunt Town,  Hertford East as well as serving the following stations directly, without interchange: Bethnal Green (Rail), Cambridge Heath, London Fields, Hackney Downs, Clapton, Northumberland Park, Angel Road, Ponders End, Brimsdown, Enfield Lock, Waltham Cross, Broxbourne, Royden, Rye House, St Margarets, Ware, Harlow Mill, Sawbridgeworth, Stansted Mountfiltchet.....

Oh, that's a lot.....

There's more,  there's also Newport, Elsenham, Audley End, Great Chesterford, Shelford, Whittlesford Parkway, Waterbeach, Ely, Littleport, Downham Market and  Watlington


And pretty much the whole of Essex, East Anglia and Hertfordshire are within an hour and 1 interchange away.  In total about 150+ stations are within maneagable reach. 

You're not going to list them all are you?

No, but you can see them all on the following link: So if you have one member in Essex, Hertfordshire or East Anglia, and the rest based in London, it is a very good middle ground for you in terms of location.  Or, if you're based in these areas, and have a gig in London, we're in a good location for you to break the journey into two, and have a rehearsal half way.  

And you can use the oyster card you say?

On the trains, you can on the stations that were listed in Yellow as opposed to White. 

I was wondering why some were in Yellow, and some were in Cream. 

Yep, the stations within zones 1-4  use oyster card, as well as a few select others.   The other ones will hopefully accept them soon.

So it's a good transport hub.   Victoria Line, and National Rail.  Any Buses?

123, 230, 41, W4, 192.    Night buses wise, we have the N73 and N41. The stops they stop at are listed below.  Tottenham Hale station also has a taxi rank and a cab office outside it too, in case you get lazy and don't want to walk from that station.  Although that would be very lazy indeed, as it's only 670 metres, about 6-7 mins walk.  

Yeah, it would. But what if I don't need any public transport and I'm coming by car.  Are you within the congestion charging zone?

Oh no, we're about 5 miles outside the congestion charging zone

Okay good, but what about the studio parking.  Any charge?

Nope, parking is free at the studio.   We've got a lot of parking here.  Actually, here is a photo of the parking situation at the studios

And, there's also this directly opposite.

And also, just around the corner of the same building, we have an overspill carpark

And there's also some next to the building, opposite that last car park

That's a lot of parking.  And it's free?

Yep, free.  From Monday - Friday, between 9am- 5pm, you have to get  a parking permit from the main Business Centre office to avoid getting a ticket.  All other times, no permit is needed.

How much is the permit?

It doesn't cost anything, it's free.  It's simply to check that you are at the Business Centre to visit a Business here, and not to leave your car here to walk to the station.  We are very close to The North Circular road, which can be reached within about 8 mins, according to Google maps.  And remember, Millmead Road is only 200 metres off of the A1055, the road which joins Cambridge and London.  So if you're travelling from the direction of Enfield/Edmonton way, it'll be quite quick to get in.  

The 1055?   That sounds familiar...

It's the road that Ikea's on.

Ah, that's it!  So, the moral of the story is that it is very well served by buses, trains, tube and taxis, and that if I'm travelling form anywhere in London, Essex or Hertforshire, I have a good chance of not being too far away from the studios.  And if I do choose to drive to the studios, I won't have to pay the congestion charge, the studios is near good A roads, and there is free parking at the studios.  The trains run late, and if I do miss the last one, I have options of night buses too. 

Well, when you put it like that, that doesn't sound too bad.  I couldn't have put it better myself.    

Bus Routes

Tottenham Hale is also served by the following Bus Routes: 

41 Tottenham Hale Station, (Tottenham Swan (towards Tottenham Hale)), Seven Sisters Station, West Green Road, Turnpike Lane Station, Turnpike Lane, Hornsey Station, Tottenham Lane, Crouch End Broadway, Crouch End Hill, Hornsey Rise, St Johns Way, Archway Station.

123 Wood Green Station, Turnpike Lane Station, Westbury Avenue, Lordship Lane, Bruce Grove Station Tottenham Swan, (Seven Sisters Station (towards Wood Green)), Tottenham Hale Station, Blackhorse Road Station, Walthamstow Bell, Waterworks Corner, South Woodford Charlie Browns Roundabout, Woodford Avenue, Gants Hill Station, Cranbrook Road, Ilford Station, Ilford Hainault Street.

192 Enfield Town Little Park Gardens, Enfield Town Station, Lincoln Road, Bush Hill Park Station, Wellington Road, Bury Street, Edmonton Green Station, Plevna Road, Mantagu Road, Angel Road Station, Angel Road Tesco, Watermead Way, Tottenham Hale Station.

230 Wood Green Station, Turnpike Lane Station, West End Green, Tottenham Swan, (Seven Sisters Station (towards Wood Green)), Tottenham Hale Station, Blackhorse Road Station, St James Street Station, Walthamstow Central Station, Hoe Street, Leyton Bakers Arms, Whipps Cross Roundabout, Wood Street Walthamstow Station, Upper Walthamstow Bisterne Avenue.

N41 Tottenham Hale Station, (Tottenham Swan (to Tottenham Hale)), Seven Sisters Station, West Green Road, Turnpike Lane Station, Turnpike Lane, Hornsey Station, Tottenham Lane, Crouch End Broadway, Crouch End Hill, Hornsey Rise, St Johns Way, Archway Station, Upper Holloway Station, Holloway Nag's Head, Holloway Road Station, Highbury & Islington Station, Islington Upper Street, Angel Station, Saddler's Wells Theatre, Clerkenwell Rosebury Avenue, Theobald's Road, Holborn Station, Tottenham Court Road Station, Leicester Square Station, Trafalgar Square.

N73 Walthamstow Central Station, Hoe Street, Walthamstow Bell, Blackhorse Road Station, Tottenham Hale Station, (Tottenham Swan (to Walthamstow)), Seven Sisters Station, South Tottenham Station, Stamford Hill Station, Stoke Newington Station, (Stoke Newington Common (towards Victoria)), Albion Road, Newington Green, Newington Green Road, Essex Road Station, Angel Station, Pentonville Road, King's Cross Station, St Pancras Station, Euston Station, Euston Square Station, Tottenham Court Road Station, Oxford Circus, Bond Street Station, Oxford Street Selfridges, Marble Arch, Park Lane, Hyde Park Corner, Victoria Station.

W4 Oakthorpe Park Chequers Way, Wolves Lane, White Hart Lane, Wood Green Station, Turnpike Lane Station, West Green Road, Belmont Road, Park Road, Broadwater Farm Estate William Road, The Avenue, Bruce Grove Station, Tottenham Swan, (Seven Sisters Station (towards Oakthorpe Park)), Tottenham Hale Station, Ferry Lane Estate.

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