Cheap rehearsal rooms available, on a long term basis.

Bally Studios now has four Rehearsal Rooms available on a Long Term (6- 12 months) rental basis.  These rooms will be available on different plans, to suit different budgets.   

How it works?

Most bands who come to us do 4 hour sessions.    Some bands need to do much more than one or two 4 hour sessions a week.  They need to do lots more sessions, but they also have a tight budget.  Under these circumstances, our long term rehearsal studios could reduce the cost of your sessions dramatically.  If you can commit to a certain amount of hours a week, every week, we will cut our prices by quite a lot. 

The long term studio rentals can be paraphrased easily.

If you pick the times that are quieter for us, you will get much cheaper sessions.

If you are able to pack your equipment up, and allow us to rent out the studios to other bands when you are not there, so we can earn extra money from booking other sessions in, we will further  reduce your session cost.  

The smaller the studio you choose, the cheaper your session will be.

The longer you commit for, the cheaper your monthly rate will be.   

For all of the different time slots, the following will apply:

- There is free parking
- Each band will be given their own key to the studio, so that they can come and go as they please, within their timeslots.
- If they are storing equipment with us, they will also be given a key to their own storage cupboard, so at the beginning of the day, they can come in, get out their equipment, set it up and have their rehearsal.  At the end of their day, they pack it away, lock the cupboard and head off home! 
- There will be no staff members present while you are at the studios.  As we do not need to pay staff to be there, we can reduce our staff costs, and pass these savings onto you. 
- We will need a passport scan and one months, fully refundable, deposit, for security. 
- Each months rent will be required at the start of the month.  
- These rates are all inclusive. There are no extra charges, whatsoever,  all bills are included. If you need to use any of our equipment, then feel free to do so; drum kits, guitar amps, bass amps, microphones, and so on. Some of the rooms even have organs in them, so you're free to use them too. Even tea and coffee is included in the cost. 

Studio Rental Terms

There are different time slots you can rent the studios for.

1) Off peak hours, Monday to Friday, 6am - 6pm.  You also have the following extra options:
1a) Off peak hours with certain extra evenings added
1b) Off peak hours with certain extra weekends added

2) Graveyard/Overnight shifts, every night from 11:30pm - 6am. 

3) 24/7.  The studio is yours, all day, all month long, 24 hours a day.  

Option 1:  The Daytime Off Peak hours. Just using the studio during the daytime, 6am - 6pm, which are the off peaks hours.

This option is in one of our quietest time, so it is very cheap.


--------------------- Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3 Studio 4 Studio 5
1- 3 Months £350 pcm £350 pcm £300 pcm ALL BOOKED UP £300 pcm
4 - 6 Months £300 pcm £300 pcm £275 pcm ALL BOOKED UP £275 pcm
7 - 12 Months £275 pcm £275 pcm £245 pcm ALL BOOKED UP £245 pcm


At the moment the rehearsal rooms are all hired at an hourly rate, from 11am to 11pm, seven days a week.  Our emptiest times are Monday to Friday, from 9am - 6pm, and so we have decided to offer these rehearsals slots on a long term hire rate, where the rooms would be available to a band from Monday to Friday, from 6am to 6pm, which are currently our off peak times.  So you get the benefits of a full time lock out, the convenience of having a rehearsal room for up to 60 hours a week, more than enough time to rehearse at a relaxed pace, record webcasts/podcasts, record an album (or two!!), do valuable pre-production or just get super tight as a band, at a much lower cost than usual.  It’s a great option for bands that can rehearse during the daytime, leaving them free to gig in the evening, and for bands that work in the evening, weekends or at nights.   

While it is not as convenient as leaving all of your equipment set up, it is considerably cheaper than most lock out rates - the cheapest that we could find in London was £120 per day, for one days rental. Our rooms are on offer for £16 - £23 per day, for a 12 hour rental, for long term lets. Also, as you only pay for Mon-Fri, it also means that you can enjoy the weekend, and have a life outside of the band!  At the same time, if you're dedicated enough, you will still get 21-23 sessions, or 260 possible rehearsal hours, per month.

During the daytime, from Monday to Friday, when most people are at work, this is our quietest time, apart from overnight sessions.  This is because most bands are either professional bands, or bands who work day jobs to support the bands.  Most professionals bands have their own studios, that they own, so they wouldn't use a rehearsal studios. Other bands who do not make enough money from the band alone will work during the day to support themselves, and will usually rehearse at night.  Hence, during the daytime is the quieter time for the studios.  We do lots of recording during these times, but if you're able to rehearse at these times, it will be cheaper, as demand is much lower.

Therefore, we have a package if you only want to rehearse in these less busy times.  

Option 1a :Renting the Studio to use during the daytimes, but also adding the odd evening session

The cost of these sessions are a bit cheaper than the usual rates, but not that much cheaper, as it is easy for us to get bands in for them, and so there is no point in us reducing them.


------------- Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3 Studio 5
1 Month                   £40                              £40                                 £30                           £30                              
2 Months £39 £39 £29.50 £29.50
3 Months £38 £38 £29 £29
4 - 6 Months £36 £36 £28 £28
7 - 12 Months £32 £32 £26 £26


So brilliant, that's the ・"musician-day-job" hours sorted. But if that's still not enough possible rehearsal times, and you're looking to book the room out for longer, then these are the rates of how much it will cost you to book the same studio for each weekday evening also. All prices are per day, to extend the time from 6pm to midnight, or, if you're also in the following day, link the two sessions (extend the sessions to 6am the next morning). That way you can either keep on rehearsing into the night, or you can leave everything set-up. Either way, the room is your to do with as you please. But here are the rates for booking each extra evening, whether you do one evening extra a week, or 5 extra evenings, it a simple, per evening rate, but the rate is slightly different depending on what long term contract you have taken up; the longer the contract, the cheaper each extra evening will cost

Option 1b: Renting the Studio to use during the daytimes, but also adding the odd weekend session
The cost of these extra sessions are a bit cheaper than the usual rates, but not that much cheaper, as it is easy for us to get bands in for them, and so there is no point in us reducing them.

Prices for adding a Saturday or Sunday to the package, per day

----------- Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3 Studio 5
1 Month                  £80 £80 £61 £61
2 Months £77 £77 £60 £60
3 Months  £75 £75 £59 £59
4 - 6 Months £68 £68 £58 £58
7 - 12 months £66 £66 £56 £56

So now that's Monday to Friday sorted so that leaves us with the weekend, time to get out and about, do some walking, fishing, or a water colour painting of a church. But you're still looking for more time? Maybe you'd like to add some weekend slots to your studio hire.

These rates are the costs of extra Saturday sessions at Bally Studios. Renting a studio on the Saturday for the full day means you can use it any time from 6am – Midnight. But maybe you can have too much of a good thing, and you want a Saturday session, but not the whole day? We can also split the day into 2 half day sessions. The morning session runs from 6am – 4pm, and the evening session runs from 4pm – 11pm. Half day sessions are half the cost of a full day session, so whatever the rate is in the box, if you just want a half day session, it's half the cost of a full day session

Option 2: Using the Studio overnight, when most people are asleep!

This option is one that 99% of bands could never do, and is in a timeslot that we have no demand for at all, so it is seriously cheap.  I mean, £150 per month for a 4 piece band?   That is £37.50 for each member for 30 x 6.5 hour rehearsals. Or £1.20 a rehearsal, or 19p per hour, per band member!!!  A saving of well over 90%!!!


--------------------- Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3 Studio 5
1 month £225 pcm £225 pcm £195 pcm £195 pcm
2 Months £215 pcm £215 pcm £185 pcm £185 pcm
3 Months £205 pcm £205 pcm £175 pcm £175 pcm
4 - 6 Months £195 pcm £195 pcm £160 pcm £160 pcm
7 - 12 Months £175 pcm £175 pcm £150 pcm £150 pcm

Fancy using the studio overnight? That timeslot would be 11:30pm - 6am.  That might sound a bit mental, but it's the same principle as turning up at 5am to catch a 99p flight to Alicante, or getting a sandwich for 40p from Sainsbury's at 10 mins before closing time. If you go for the timeslot no-one else wants, it's much cheaper.  If you don't mind the different time slot, you also have the option of rehearsing overnight.    It's cheap too. 

We had a band that used to do the night shift, and it worked out well for them.   They worked in bar.  They sometimes did a Midnight to 8am rehearsal session, go to sleep at 9am, wake up at 4pm, work in a bar from 5pm - Midnight, and then go to their next rehearsal.  Sometimes they would do a 3am to 9am rehearsal, then go straight to work, and do a 10am - 5pm shift, then go to bed at 6pm, sleep until 2am, and repeat the process.  Bit mad, eh?   Well, when you look at the prices, they were able to work 40 hours a week, rehearse for 40 hours a week and support themselves.    They only did it for about 2 months, and in those 2 months, with over 350 hours of rehearsals, they were a different band, accomplishing more in 2 months than in the previous 4 years.

Option 3: 24/7 Option - Exclusive Month Studios Rental, for you to use, whenever you want.

The 24/7 option cover some timeslots that are easy for us to book out, and some that are hard for us to book out.  Therefore, the cost of these sessions are quite a bit cheaper than the usual rates, but not as cheap as the off peak hours rates.  This option would only be worth doing if you genuinely were thinking about doing an average of 8 hours a day, and  you wanted to keep your options open in regards to rehearsal times, or you had a larger budget.  You get to leave your equipment all set up, but that will come at a cost of about £20 a day.  If you had multiple bands all coming in on the same deal, this option would be a great, but it would be harder for just one band to get the same value from this option, as even if you did not use it all the time, you would still be paying for it.  


------------------------ Studio 1        Studio 2 Studio 3 Studio 5
1 Month £1200 pcm £1200 pcm £950 pcm £950 pcm
2 Months £1150 pcm £1150 pcm £895 pcm £895 pcm
3 Months £1100 pcm £1100 pcm £875 pcm £875 pcm
4 - 6 Months £1050 pcm £1050 pcm £850 pcm £850 pcm
7 - 12 Months £995 pcm £995 pcm £800 pcm £800 pcm

You're not one to mess about.  You don't want to be rehearsing a song, only to find it's time to go home.  You don't want to be packing stuff away.  12 hours a day just isn't enough for you.  Fair enough. If this still isn't enough time for you, and you want to rent the room all day, every day, all week, then these are the rates for renting it 100%, per month.


So, to re-cap, firstly decide what size of room you want, then decide how long you are looking at renting the room. These are the rates for renting the room, Monday to Friday, 6am – 6pm. Then you decide whether you want to add the evenings to your basic package,, so check the extra weekday evening table, to find out how much adding each evening costs. It's a flat rate per evening. Then if you want to add a Saturday, Sunday or both, check the next 2 tables. Finally, if you want the room full time, 24/7, please check the last table, as this gives you the rates of hiring a room for the whole month, on a 24 hour basis

Recently we have had a few bands enquiring about a long term let.  At least 3 bands have said that they are looking for a discount for the long term rental "as they would only be using it 1-2 times a week".   Please note, that when taking on a long term booking, if you want to leave all of your equipment set up, we have to take into consideration that we will have to turn down the current bookings that we are getting, in order to reserve the room for you.  Therefore, it doesn't make economic sense for a band to rent a room 24/7, and only use it once or twice a week.  Our cheapest rehearsals start from £32 for 4 hours,  maybe that option would be more appropriate.  

Many of the bands have said that they would rather not have to set up their stuff at the start of every rehearsal.  That would be great in an ideal world,  but in London especially,  with high rents for units, by packing up your equipment and compressing in into a 10sq foot storage unit, as opposed to keeping it set up in a 400 sq foot studio, you will save substantially.   Please try to bear this in mind when deciding whether a long term rental is the best option for your band.  Time spend setting up equipment means much cheaper rates, as we can get extra bands in when you are not, and can reduce your rates.  When we rent out the studios long term, it doesn't make much difference to us how often you sue it, so therefore we can't give discounts if you only use it a couple of times a week.  It would be like asking Tesco for a discount on a cake, as you're only going to eat half of it, and throw the rest away.  Long Term rehearsal can save lost of bands a lot of money (One of the bands that took us up on the 3 months offer managed to get 800 hours of rehearsal in in 3 months, for £2475.  That's about £3 per hour.  They were a 5 peice, so it was about 60p an hour, each. They didn't have to lug equipment around, and didn't need to pack down or set up equipment each day.  If you're going to be doing a lot of rehearsal, it can work out up to 75% cheaper, but it only makes economic sense if you rehearse a lot.  

These sessions are also only offered on Long Term, basis, i.e. We can't offer the same prices on single rehearsals.  With Long Term bookings, we don't need to pay a member of staff to set everything up and stay in office in case you need anything, and as we have less costs, we pass these costs onto you.  

But why would you want to rent a rehearsal room for so long?

Regular Band Rehearsals?

It is a great opportunity for a band to save money in the long term, and to really put all of their efforts into making the band fulfill it’s potential.  When you consider that many rehearsal rooms in London charge £12-£25 per hour for a daytime rehearsal, by biting the bullet and planning your rehearsals in advance, you can take the pressure off of your rehearsals by cutting the hourly rate, and considering how much the cost of pro audio equipment has become, be in total control of your bands future, by rehearsing and recording at your own pace. 

Recording bands?

Also, if you’re looking to start your own recording studio, and are looking at recording bands, it is an great opportunity to be able to hire the rooms to record bands, make a huge saving on the rental for your recording studio, not have to shell out large amounts on money, soundproofing or room acoustics, and leave your evenings and weekends free for pursuing other activities, like going to gigs, gigging yourself, etc.  

Small Record Label?

If you're a band that is signed to a small record label, then this deal could be a great way for the record label to really help your band.   If you work for an independent record label, the long term hire of a studio could be an extremely economical way to finance a band, or maybe even 2-3 bands, with bands taking different days of the week or maybe splitting the day up between each other (One band could take 10am-2pm, the other 2pm to 6pm)

Band Sharing?

You may want to hire a studio and split the cost with another band, so you could each take  2 and a half days a week, which would mean that you could reap all of the benefits of long term rentals, and split the cost.  If you share equipment, you could save even more money!!

Features for all rooms:

- Fully Air Conditioned  
- Professionally soundproofed
- 1kw + PA System, great volume and clarity
-Price Includes Storage of Equipment at the Rehearsal Rooms
- All Rehearsal Rooms are on the ground floor

More about the studios

The Rehearsal rooms are based in a Business Centre that has many other recording studios based in it, which is great for networking, a PA hire and repair company, 2 cafes, and it has a great community feel about it, with many people knowing each other in the building.  We are a well-established Rehearsal rooms complex, and everything like soundproofing and security are all top notch.  If you have any other questions about the rooms, or would just like to drop by and check out the studios, please do not hesitate to contact us, and arrange a time that you can drop by and check the place out.    It's a very relaxed atmosphere at the studio, and a warm welcome awaits you at Bally!

Cheers -                                                      Jimmy Mulvihill, Francesca Agati & Mark Edwards