Here is an overview of a lot, but not all of the equipment that we use at the rehearsal studios. We can honestly say, with hand on heart, that more than 95% of the bands that come to us tell us that they are more than happy with the standard of the equipment, especially when you consider that it is provided inclusive of the room rate with no extra charge.  We ask for feedback regularly, and we hope that the feedback that we get is a fair representation of the bands opinion of the equipment, but if you are a band who rehearses at Bally and if you think we have room for improvements anywhere, your feedback is always gratefully appreciated.  

We have gone for name brands such as Fender, Blackstar, Vox, Line 6, Laney, Marshall, Mapex, Premier, Pearl, Gallien Krueger and Peavey amongst numerous others due to their high engineering quality, good sound, reliability, and range of sounds. On the whole, we have gone for solid-state amplifiers, due to their reliability and to keep costs down as much as possible for the bands, but we also have 4 full valve amps, as well as 5 other guitar amps that have valve preamps built into them, to give a great valve sound.


Every year we set aside at least £1,000 to service equipment to make sure it is kept in tip-top condition, and we get PAT electrical testing done regularly.  We always have spares ready to hand, and as a general rule if a band has 2 guitarists we give you 3 guitar amps, both so that you have extra choice and so that if any problems do develop with any of the amps you will be able to swap over to another one instantly, and then we can fix the guitar amp in a time where you are not being charged by the hour. The amps are interchangeable between different rooms, and we are more than happy for a band to use additional amps for things like running guitar effects in stereo.  In certain circumstances we have even been able to accomodate a band so that they have had 7 guitar amps, with no extra charge, although this does depend on the other rooms not needing their extra ones.

Full list of equipment. Equipment can be moved from room to room, but if there is a particular amplifier that you like, please feel more than welcome to let us know and we'll try to reserve it for your session. 


1 & 2) A couple of Blackstar Amplification CoreID150's with 2x10 speakers combo.
3) Blackstar ID260 TVP with 2x10 speakers combo.
4) Fender Performer 1000 combo, 100 watts.
5) Fender SKX 65R combo
6&7) A couple of Fender Champion 100 watts with 2x12 speakers, combos.
8) Fender Frontman, 100 watts with 2x12 speakers, combo. 
9) Fender Chorus, 65 watts with 2x12 speakers, combo.
10) WEM Amps London Dominator III, 1966 Valve Combo.
11) Marshall Amplification Mosfet head with 4x10 Marshall Cab 
12) Marshall AVT150 combo, 150 watts with 1x12 speaker
13) Line 6 head with 4x12 Marshall cab.
14) Vox Amplification UK 120 VTX head with a 4x12 Hayden Amps cab.
15 & 16) A couple of Session Amps & Cleartone Custom Cables Sessionette 75 watt from 1986, combo.
17) Grainger 100 watt head with 4x12 cab. 
18) Epiphone 100 watt Triggerman head with 4x12 cab. 
19) Epiphone Triggerman combo, 60 watts 
20) Laney Amplification TubeFusion TF200 with ECC83 preamp valve, 65 watts, combo.
21) Laney World Series 100SC combo, 100 watts with 2x12 speakers, combo.
22) Amplificadores Crate FW120, 120 watt combo with 2x12 speakers, combo
23) Hughes & Kettner PCS50 combo, 100 watts, connected to 2x10 bass cab for extra low end.

Bass Amplifiers

1) Gallien-Krueger backline 600, a 300 watt head connected to an 8x10 cab.
2) Ashdown Engineering Toneman C115 Evo III
3) Hartke head with the 4x10 bass cab
4) Traynor Amps TS 25R, 65 watt combo with 15 inch speaker. 
5) Laney RB4 head with the 1x15 bass cab
6) Hartke Kickback, 120 watts with 12 inch speaker
7) Peavey Electronics Max 115 combo, 100 watts. 
8) Peavey TKO80, 80 watts combo with 15 inch speaker.


1) Purple Pearl Export, Maple, with 20 inch bass drum, 10, 12 and 14 inch toms. 
2) Red Pearl Export, Birch
, with 22 inch bass drum, 12, 13 and 16 inch toms. 
3) Green Mapex M Series, Maple, with 20 inch bass drum, 10, 12 and 14 inch toms. 
4) Ludwig, Maple, 
with 20 inch bass drum, 10, 12 and 14 inch toms. 
5) Stagg,  in Beech, with
 22 inch bass drum, 12, 13 and 16 inch toms. 

Blackstar ID260
Fender Frontman 100
1966 WEM Dominator Mk2
Epiphone Triggerman 100 & Hayden
Fender Champion 100
Fender Princeton Chorus
Marshall MGX 100
Epiphone 4x12 Cab
Peavey TK0 80 Bass Amp
Grainger Amps
Blackstar Trio
Hughes & Kettner PCS 50 100 watt 2 channel guitar amp
Peavey Chorus 60
Fender Performer 1000
Laney TF200 with Tube Pre-amp
Carlsbro Hornet 45 watt keyboard amp
Peavey TKO 80 watt
Epiphone Triggerman 60DSP
Fender 65
Gallien Krueggar Backline 600
Crate FW 120
Session Sessionette
Blackstar Trio
Grainger head and cab
Epiphone Trggerman Combo
Hartke HA3500
Wem Dominator
Trio of Fender amplifiers
Vox ADVT120 Head
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Ashdown Toneman C115 Evo III
Marshall Valvestate 2000, AVT100
Line 6 Spider 2, with Marshall 4x10
Marshall Mosfet, with Hayden 4x12
Hartke MG1200 Kickback
Laney World Series 212
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Here's some photos of our drum kits, all of which are always included in the cost price of the room. They come equipped

with a snare drum, of which we have a selection you can choose from, a set of cymbals with a pair of 14 inch hi hats, a 16 inch crash and a 20 inch ride, (please confirm ahead of time to ensure that the cymbals are available for your session), a single kick pedal, throne, and heads that are kept in good condition.  We keep the drum cymbal felts, plastic cymbal sleeves and hi hat clutch in a box that is given to every band as they come to the studios, to make sure that none of these parts go missing and so that your session is not compromised.  We use Remo Emperors on the batter side of the snares, Remo Ambassadors on the resonant side, and we tune them regularly.  We also sell drumsticks in the office, and have a range of tambourines, cow bells and other percussion that you are more than welcome to borrow.  We have members of staff who have worked as drum teachers and session drummers in the past, who take great care into keeping the drum kits in as good condition as possible.   

Selection of Snares
Selection of Snares
Gold Mapex Snare
Mapex M Series
Mapex M Series
Ludwig Drum Kit
Ludwig Drum Kit
Pearl Export
Pearl Export
Pearl Export
Pearl Export
Pearl Export
Pearl Export
Pearl Export
Stagg Drum kit
Millennium cymbals
Hammond Organ
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Grainger head and cab