The Voice - 48 hour film project. 

Back in 2012, Bally Studios co-founder Francesca DeLuca, who is also an actress. entered into the 2012 "48 hour film festival," a competition which, as the name suggests, is based around making a film within a weekend.


Beforehand only the location and the crew are allowed to be confirmed, but everything else, - the writing, rehearsing, shooting, editing, rendering, and release - need to be completed within the 48 hour time frame. Each crew is given a list of elements that must be in the short film, including a required character, an object, a line of dialogue, and a genre to make sure that the writing is completed around the brief, with all videos then being shown at regional venues.  

The following film was completed within an 8 hour day which also saw 11 individual rehearsal sessions and a 12 hour recording session taking place in the same day.   Enjoy!!