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Route from Tottenham Hale tube station to the Studios.

Now then, a couple of points.  We are located at the end of Mill Mead Road, which is just around the corner from the tube station.


Click through the photos for step-by-step directions!  

How to get from Tottenham Hale Station to Bally Studios.
It's always a lot easier to make your way to the studios the second time, when you know where you are going and have visual aids to help guide you.  But everyone needs to make that journey for the first time, so if you're making the trip from Tottenham Hale Station to Bally Studios, here is a very detailed guide to help you know what to look out for, and to help re-assure you that you are on the right path.

Here's a video that shows the route you should take. 

If you prefer to see the route via photos, here's they are.    So if you're coming to the studios from the tube, you'll get off the train and go up the escalators to exit the station.  Just after swiping your oyster card, you'll be hit with this view. 
You haven't even left the station yet and already you're being given directions to the Millmead Industrial Area. We think it's probably a bit optimistic to say it's only 300 yards (it's a downright lie......) but still, it's not far off that.
You'll walk out the main entrance of the station, and when you leave Tottenham Hale station, you are met with the following sight.
As per usual, young people glued to their phones.  (Typical, eh?!?!) Behind them is where the bus stops are, walk towards them for about 30 metres, and then when you look to the left.........'ll see Curry's, which is on the Tottenham Hale retail park. If you're hungry after your journey there's loads of places to grab food here., inlcuding Pret and Greggs.  See the steps to the left?
You'll need to get to the top of them, which you can do by walking up them, or sprinting up them like Rocky did in Rocky 1.  There is also step free access to the right of it.   When you reach the top, turn left, and you'll see this view.  
You'll walk under this sign...
...and soon you'll see the new Hale Village to your left.  We'll update this photo soon with one with the new Tower which has been built that you can see in the video above. 
Now, you can go through the Estate if you want to, but there are a few more twists and turns that way so for the moment we will continue on the Mill Mead Road route. So you continue straight on, and soon you will see this to your left..
You'll walk under this sign, directing you to the Millmead Industrial Centre.....
You will soon walk past this bus stop, which is actually called Mill Mead Road, so if you're on the bus, they'll announce that the stop is called Mill Mead Road.  That's the best stop to get off at.  
A few seconds later you will come to a crossroads, which will look like this....
The left hand turning is Mill Mead Road, which is where we are based. It will look like this....
At this cross roads, you'll see the signs for Mill Mead Road, the directions to MillMead Business Centre and Millmead Industrial Centre


Here is the first view of Mill Mead Road you'll see. Remember, bike racks and benches to the left, trees to the right.


Now you are on Mill Mead Road. Keep walking down it.....



Walk past the zebra crossing.....
On your left you'll see apartments that look like this.....'ll get to a kink in the road, but still continue....
You will walk past this road. This is the road you will come out at if you decide to walk through the Hale Village.
But keep on walking straight down Mill Mead Rd. Soon you'll start to see the Millmead Business Centre in the distance
It's getting closer. Remember to look out for the yellow sign on the side, and the blue canopy of the cafe
See the little hut on the right of that building? That's the security guard hut, and next to it is the big sign for Millmead Industrial Centre, and so here's a good opportunity to explain the difference between the Millmead Business Centre and Millmead Industrial Centre.....


The industrial area is the whole site, but within the site, there is a building called Millmead Business Centre. So Millmead Business Centre is a building, Millmead Industrial Area is a collection of many buildings. We're inside Millmead Business Centre.
We are located inside of Millmead Business Centre, not the Millmead Industrial Area. To confirm, we are inside the building that has a cafe on the corner called Weighbridge Cafe.  Walk to the right of the building, which will mean that you're going in the exact same direction as the road that led you here. Soon, you will be looking at the building from side on, and it will look like this.
You can see the entrance, just above the blue van in that photo. Upon walking right up to it, it will look like this:
.....complete with sign over the door.  We will send you a passcode that you can use to get inside the building, so you can type that into the keycode lock, and then upon walking inside, the lift will be in front of you.
When you've got this view in front of you, look to the right. You'll see this view now.
You´ve reached your destination now. We are the third door on the left, Unit 16, Millmead Business Centre. 


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