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Studio 2

Bally Studio 2
Otherwise known as "the biggest studio", "the one around the corner" or "the purple room."
A very large room with quite an in-your-face sound.  Barely any reverb, about 3/10 in reverb, due to the extensive acoustic treatment that we have done to the ceiling where there is Rockwool which is up to 4 foot in depth, which has then been covered up with a porous material that allows the sound to penetrate it. A lot of the excess bass in the room is therefore compensated for, and we have found that you get a great clarity from the room, as the Rockwool seems to bounce back a bit of the higher frequencies, but not to the point where the room starts to "ring" just to the point that it sounds very clear.  We also have some acoustic tiles behind the blue and white panels, to control excess high frequencies.   

We have external tweeter-arrays on this PA system, where we have 8 tweets, meaning that the PA sounds crystal. clear, and we now have brand new Peavey PV215 speakers in here, meaning each side has double the amount of speakers as before.  These speakers have 2 15 inch speakers per channel, which is then run in stereo.  There are armchairs in here so it is more comfortable.  This is the best Studio to choose if you have a lot of equipment to load in and out or if you have mobility problems as there are no stairs, it has wide doors and the corridors leading to the room are all wide enough to wheel trolleys/wheelchairs inside the Studio. It is also the second nearest studio to the office.  The vast majority of the time we have a 4x10 bass cabinet in here coupled with a Carlsboro Delta 450 Bass amp, which gives a really great, and bassy rich.  There is also a small drum riser, which is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the dynamics of the drumkit.

As with all studios it has a choice between standard lighting, intimate lighting from small lamps, stage lighting with professional LED multi-colour PAR64 lamps, LED strip lighting which in this studio are blue, and a mirror ball lighting which is provided by a lamp which changes colours, meaning you always have the best chance to capture the exact mood you want.

If you wanted to put on a showcase/mini gig for some friends of yours, (as a test out before playing in a music venue, or just for an intimate show,) this would be the best studio for you to choose since it has more space and a sofa. In the past we've had about 8-10 bands use this studios for this purpose, and it's always worked well.  There's no extra charge to use the studio for a gig, but please check with us in advance to make sure that it's possible, and so that we make sure that we are on hand to ensure the health and safety of everyone within the studio.  
Room Dimensions: 
This studio is just over 19.5 foot by 18.5 foot, giving a total square footage of 360 sq foot.   Good head height too, at about 9.5 foot.   As with all of the studios, lots of acoustic insulation means that the studio is warm in the winter, while air conditioning keeps it cool in the summer.

Photos of Studio 2. 
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