Studio 3

Also known as "The Pit", "The One Down The Stairs".  Prior to January 2017 it used to be called  "The Sauna (due to it's pine pannelling, not it's hot temperature) or "The Green Room", but since then it has had a fresh coat of paint, and is now more blue /turquoise in colour. 


This studio has an extremely in-your-face-sound due to it's compact size, but it is still large enough to accommodate a 5 piece band (in fact, a 5, and sometimes 6, piece band used to rent this studio for about 18 months solid, rehearsing up to 7 times a week, and that was with them storing equipment too).  The sound is very dry and clear.  It is a bit like a smaller version of studio 2 in it's sound, the main difference being that because the sound has much less space to fill, and because you will end up standing quite close to the drumkit, it will therefore be louder and so other band members will tend to compensate by turning up their amplifiers louder too.  So it's the room where the drummer really sets the level of the rehearsal.  If you have a loud drummer you will have a loud session, if not you won't.  


The acoustics are dry, only about 2/10 in terms of reverb, and there are now no armchairs in this studios which means it feels slightly bigger than it was previous to Oct 2015.   There are 3 steps as soon as you enter the studios, so whilst access is not difficult it is the least accessible of the studios we have, which should be considered if you have mobility issues or very heavy equipment.  

As with all studios it has a choice between standard lighting, intimate lighting from small lamps, stage lighting with professional LED multi-colour PAR64 lamps, LED strip lighting which in this studio are green, and a mirror ball lighting which is provided by a lamp which changes colours, meaning you always have the best chance to capture the exact mood you want


Room Dimensions: 


This studio is just over 12.5 foot by 11.5 foot, giving a total square footage of nearly 145 sq foot.   Good head height too, at about 9.5 foot.    As with all of the studios, lots of acoustic insulation means that the studio is warm in the winter, while air conditioning and an industrial fan keeps it cool in the summer.  This studio also has a ceiling fan, being the only one that has one. 

As of January 2017, Studio 3 looks like this.