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Studio 5

Also known as: "The Purple Room," The Middle Room in the Corridor" or "The One With The Acoustic Tiles" 

Studio 5 is our newest rehearsal studio, and it was created when the old Studio 1 was spilt into the new Studio 1 and 5.  There used to be storage cupboards within studio 1, (you can still see the remnants of these on the ceiling in studio 5) so we removed them, added more storage to the office, and created another studio to satisfy the extra demand that we had. 

Acoustics wise, the room is purposefully dead as can be, a 0/10 for reverb with absolutely none of it.   It has been specially treated with extensive acoustic treatment, over pretty much all of the walls to varying depths, so that it is as dead as possible in sound.  It is louder than the other bigger studios eimply for the fact that as the room is smaller, you will have no other choice than to be standing nearer to the drum kit, and usually it is the loudness of the drummer that will dictate the loudness of the rehearsal.  There is less space also for the sound to fill.  It is a great place to record or just rehearse if you want a really dry sound, and many bands have recorded their drummer in here in the past.   All of the other studios have 15 inch passive speakers powered by an external power amplifier, but in this room we have 12 inch powered Mackie speakers (with internal power amplifiers), which means that the vocals cut through very clearly, but that it may be less suitable if you have backing tracks or anything else going through the PA.  

As with all studios it has a choice between standard lighting, intimate lighting from small lamps, stage lighting with professional LED multi-colour PAR64 lamps, LED strip lighting which in this studio are white, and a mirror ball lighting which is provided by a lamp which changes colours, meaning you always have the best chance to capture the exact mood you want

Room Dimensions.
This studio is just over 13.5 foot by 11.5 foot, giving a total square footage of just over 155  sq foot.  Great head height too, at about 12 foot, only a bit less than studio 4, which is our studio with the most head height.   As with all of the studios, lots of acoustic insulation means that the studio is warm in the winter, while air conditioning and an industrial fan keeps it cool in the summer. 

Photos of Studio 5.
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