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The Office / Tuck Shop /Studio shop

Bally Studios Snacks and Studios Spares Shop

Snacks and musical consumables.

This is where our staff members spend most of their time, and  where bands who may need their help can grab them.    We started the Bally Tuck-Shop about a week after we first opened, as at the time the nearest place to get soft drinks and snacks was the BP petrol station opposite Totenham Hale station.  Not only was this a 25 minute round walk - the negotiation of the one way system taking up a lot of the time - but the prices there were extortionate.  It only took a couple of days for us to work out that the bands that used the studios would definitely benefit from a studio tuck shop.   
We get new stock regularly, and always try to get retro snacks (Monster Munch, Wham Bars, Curley Wurleys, Frazzles, etc).   Cheap too, with all of the sweets/chocolates/soft drinks/crisps at 50p, with the space raiders crisps, and the smaller chocolates, like the 2 finger kitkats/rocky bars being 25p.  We have a range of budget energy drinks, and even Purdeys from time to time which we sell for well over 80p less than shops like Marks and Spencer. Sometimes, depending on the cost we get it for, the Ginger Beer is 60p to reflect the extra costs of us buying it, but never more than that.  The water is always in plentiful supply, and always 50p for a 500ml bottle,  half the price of many of our rivals.  Remember, we are mainly trying to cover our costs with the shop, and the products are mainly offered as a service to the bands, as opposed to something to make more profits from.  There are other rehearsal rooms in London shops we have seen that are up to twice more expensive than us (£1-£1.50 for a drink, compared to our 60p.) 
Then in October 2006 we started to sell guitar strings any many other items and bands need in their rehearsals. We started off selling 2 types of Ernie Ball Strings, but as you can see from the extensive range that we now offer, the choice has grown substantially.  Again, our prices are incredibly competitive, with many bands even saying to us that if we sold strings at a couple of pounds more they would still buy them, mainly through lack of choice.  However, as we say, we already make a profit from the bands rehearsal sessions, and so we are happy with the thin profit margin we make on our strings for the benefit it brings to the bands that use our studios. 

Here is what we sell, as well as the prices. Pretty competitive, we think!  If there are any other items that you think we could sell, please let us know and we will look into stocking it.
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