Studio 1

Otherwise known as "the one at the end of the corridor", "the red room," or "the one with the big sofa."


A large room with quite an open sound, with lots of room for the sound to fill.  It is our second biggest studio, and it has quite an 'in your face' sound due to the larger speakers.  It has a pair of 15 inch full range speakers with an additional pair of 15 inch sub woofers which are enclosed in a hollow casing which allows the speakers to 'boom' slightly, almost giving a range similar to 18 inch speakers.  However, to be honest, the sound does not quite reach the depths of having 18 inch speakers, but the sound is very clear and cuts through the mix very well. The room is slightly reverberant, we'd say a 6/10 in terms of there being a bit of life in the room, with the higher frequencies being dampened down by the 3 acoustic diffusers that are placed around the studios, and it has by far the biggest and best bass amp in here, a Gallien-Kruegar Backline 600 bass head which is run through an 8x10 cabinet for extra punch.  


Studio 1 used to be a very large studio, but it has since changed into 2 rehearsal rooms, a storage cupboard and a new corridor.   This was done in June 2009, so if you haven't been to the studio since then , it will be different to how you remembered it.   Photos of the old Studio 1 are on our History page.  As is standard at Bally, a lot of the equipment is moved around between the different studios, but this studio usually has the Red Pearl drum kit within it. 

As with all studios it has a choice between standard lighting, intimate lighting from small lamps, stage lighting with professional LED multi-colour PAR64 lamps, LED strip lighting which in this studio are red, and a mirror ball lighting which is provided by a lamp which changes colours, meaning you always have the best chance to capture the exact mood you want.


Room Dimensions: 


Just over 19.5 foot by just over 17 foot, giving a total square footage of just under 340 sq foot.  It has good head height, going up to about 11 foot.   As with all of the studios, lots of acoustic insulation means that the studio is warm in the winter, while air conditioning keeps it cool in the summer.

Studio 1 Photos