In a nutshell:


- NEVER ANY EXTRA CHARGE FOR EQUIPMENT!! -  All the equipment you will need is included within the room rate.  You never have to pay for extra equipment/parking fees/booking fee's/ VAT/ hardware fee, etc.   We think it's difficult to get a true impression of how expensive rehearsal studios are if you keep adding on costs.   Therefore, you only pay the room rate at Bally.  No hidden costs, no sneaky extras.

Please note that we cannot accept card payments at the studios, as it would incur costs that would need to be passed onto the bands that come to us, and also as 95% of bands are happy to pay by cash.   However, we can do bank transfers, and many bands have done this by using their banking app on their phone, which is very quick and easy. 


These are the closest free to use cashpoints from us:

1) Tesco - 0.27 miles away – 370 metres
2) BP Garage – 0.34 miles/550 metres
3) Ferry Boat Inn Pub – 0.4 miles/650 metres
4) Poundworld – 0.42 miles/680 metres
5) Wilkinsons – 0.44 miles/720 metres. 

- Usually from Monday to Friday we do the 4 hour slots in the evening (at very late notice we do 3 hour slots, at 3 days or less.   Please contact us for these rates.) 

- On the weekend whatever you want it's yours, you just pay the hourly rate.  

95% of bands book the 7pm - 11pm slot, from Monday to Friday.  On the weekend, the first band that books get their chosen slot, whatever they want within our opening times.  The other bands that book after that book around that first bands session.    You can book whatever time you want on the weekend, as long as it is available, with sessions starting and ending either on the hour or on the half hour. 

   Monday - Friday - any 4 hour slot, from 6pm – 11pm   

​  Weekend - any time, any length

  Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm, it's cheaper!  

Please note that we don't accept bookings for Studio 4 before 6 pm. 

Now for the extra details:


- On the occasions when we book 3 hour slots there isn't actually much difference between the cost of a 3 or 4 hour session.  It's usually about 85%-90% of the cost of the 4 hour slot. That is because since 2005 - 2016 our costs have gone up by 61%, but the room rates have gone up by only 11%, as well as the equipment fee being dropped, (equipment is now free) along with the equipment being upgraded. We either had to put up the 3 and the 4 hour slots, or just the 3 hour slots.  We chose to put up the cost of the 3 hour session as usually we can only have 1 session booked in each studio per evening, and if the bands that did the 3 hour slots could do 4 hours slots it could keep the price of the sessions down considerably. It has worked well, and the feedback by the bands is that they are happy to do 4 hour slots, or rehearse on the weekend in order to get the better prices.  This is why we only book the 3 hour slots at late notice, as we'd rather get 4 hour bookings instead as they generate more income, and that help's us to keep costs lower.  We hope you understand.     

- All of our rehearsal studios are Air-Conditioned, as standard.

- All of the equipment that comes included is in good condition.  Even the cymbals that we have are good, although we only have 4 sets of cymbals between the 5 studios, simply as it is very rare indeed that every single bands needs them. Usually about 70% of bands will bring their own cymbals for the session, and we have never yet had an occasion where all 5 bands needed cymbals at the same time. However, if you needed cymbals it is best to check with us, just to make sure that they all available, just in case. 

- You get the same standard of equipment in each room.  The rule of thumb is the bigger the studio, the more expensive it is, but all of the equipment is provided with no extra charge and is of the same standard.  

- Daytime session are cheaper than evening and weekend.  That's because demand for evening and weekend is much higher, so we offer cheaper sessions during the day as an incentive for people to rehearse at the times that are less busy for us.  

- Daytime sessions normally run from 10am - 6pm, evening sessions from 6pm - 11pm.  If you require any other times though please contact us, as these can be arranged.