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Conveniently located near Tottenham Hale Tube Station (Victoria Line) in north London, we offer five clean music rehearsal rooms with a wide selection of well-maintained equipment, with studios of different sizes and budgets to suit the vast majority of bands, all at really competitive and honest rates.  All of the studios are properly soundproofed, we have plenty of free parking and the studio is run by musicians for musicians, with a focus on friendly and efficient service. We are a small, independently run company who take pride in a job well done, and we become friends with a lot of the people who come to the studios.  We honestly get a lot of enjoyment out of working here, and we really care about all of the bands that use us, putting lots of effort into making sure that they leave having had as productive and fun rehearsal as possible.
We've all been in bands ourselves both in the past and present, and so we know that a bit of effort goes a long way in making a rehearsal as productive as possible.   We've rehearsed in places where the staff wanted to get by doing as little work as possible, and we know how awful these places can be.  We've also rehearsed in places where the staff went that extra mile, and it was always those studios that we returned to time and time again. That's what we offer our bands - we go the extra mile.  We currently have 50 bands who come to the studio on a weekly or monthly basis, as well as about 60 others that come sporadically, and we are proud to have each and every one of them as our customers, no matter how many albums they have recorded, what style of music they play, or how big their fan base.  A warm welcome and a cup of tea awaits every band who is looking at rehearsing at Bally Studios. 
We also understand that bands based in London are at a disadvantage in having to rehearse in one of the most expensive cities in the world, so we do our best to keep the rates as low as possible. We have honest and transparent pricing, and never ever charge for backline. Guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers, microphones, and even bass drum pedals, snare and cymbals all come included in the room rate.  
We are not in the rehearsal studios business serving people, we are in the people business serving rehearsals.   If you have forgotten your guitar lead we won't take it as an opportunity to mumble under our breath or to fleece you for more money, we'll happily lend you one for free.  That's how we would like to be treated, so that is how our customers are treated.   If you need directions, we'll text them to you.  Need help knowing which venues are suitable for your band?  We'll give our advice. Not getting the best tone from an amp?  Let us know and we'll help make it sound great. Our job is to make your band practice as productive as possible, which includes you being in the best mood possible, and we will always do everything we can to make that happen.   In doing so, we are not doing you a favour - you are doing us a favour by helping support our business, and we never forget that.  
Some studios open the doors to bands and leave them to it. We set everything up for you and put in that extra effort to make sure that your rehearsal is as great as possible. The rooms are cleaned daily, and the carpets are washed about 20-30 times a year. Whilst most studios have lighting in the room, we have a choice of standard lighting, intimate lighting, LED lighting and even stage lighting, so your rehearsal can be as much like playing a live gig as possible.  The rooms are warm in the winter and cool in the summer, thanks to the extensive insulation and air conditioning in all of the rooms.  We are musicians ourselves, and years of rehearsing in rehearsal studios that were not up to the standards of what we thought was possible has pushed us to make our rehearsal studios as great a place for band practices as possible. We hope that the amount of detail on our website assures you that we will always go further than other studios to make sure that you have the best band practice as possible.  
Thanks for viewing our website, have a look round, read our history and view photos of each rehearsal room.   We hope to see you over here soon - we think you'll like it. We're not like the other rehearsal studios. Without the bands that use us we'd just have some empty rooms with PA systems in them.  To us, the bands that visit us are what make Bally Studios the rehearsal studios that it is.   We look forward to meeting you.
The Bally Studios Team.
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