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Bally Studio Football Sweepstakes

Every time that either the Football Word Cup or the European Championships is held, since 2008, we do a sweepstake for all of the bands that come here as a bit of extre fun.  It's always free entry for the bands that come to us the most, and the teams were picked in a random fashion by the bands, from a hat, and these were the results   

European Championships 2008

The winner gets £20 worth of shop stock, and the runner up gets £12.


Group A


Portugal - After The ice

Turkey - The Forth

Czech Republic - The A Train

Switzerland - Girls Girls Girls


Group B


Croatia - Blackjack

Germany - The Hard Luck Club

Austria - The Tracie Hunter Band

Poland - The Charlie Parkers

Group C


Netherlands - Rococo Fair

Italy - Sci Fi Circus

Romania - Zalinski

France - My Echo


Group D


Spain - Ice Station Zebra

Russia - The Starts

Sweden - BlackCar

Greece - The Capris


World Cup 2010


The winner gets £20 worth of shop stock, and the runner up gets £12.


Group A


South Africa - Model Village

Mexico - Ravens In Paris

Uruguay - The Outbursts

France - Bombay Bicycle Club.


Group B


Argentina - Chapter 24

Nigeria - The Capris

South Korea - Lippy Kain
Greece - Chasing Ora

Group C

England - Big Words
United States - Six Of Eight
Algeria - The Tracie Hunter Band
Slovenia - The Playing Fields

Group D

Germany - Sci Fi Circus
Australia - King Robot
Serbia - JD & Jude
Ghana - Skeleton Jive

Group E

Netherlands - After The Ice
Denmark - The News
Cameroon - Girls Girls Girls
Japan - Neils Children

Group F

Italy - Fynan
Paraguay - The A Train
New Zealand - Barrelhouse
Slovakia - Love By Proxy

Group G

Brazil - Boy Division
North Korea - The Incisors
Ivory Coast - Room Nine
Portugal - The Education

Group H

Spain - The Stow
Switzerland - Caribou
Hondurous - The What?
Chilie - The Hidden Messages 

European Championships 2012


At this tournament, there were so many bands that wanted to be involved, that we created two sweepstakes.
Seeepstake A for bands that came to us more often.
Seeepstake B for the band that came less often.

Sweepstake A = Winner Gets £20, Runner Up gets £12
Sweepstake B = Winner Gets £15, Runner Up gets £8

Sweepstake A

Group A

Czech Replublic = Lazy Rhythm Boys
Greece = The News Band

Russia = Kid Karoshi

Poland = Three Fold

Group B

Germany = Apple Eyes

Denmark = Ska Train
Netherlands = Sci-Fi Circus

Portugal = Braincage

Group C

Spain = Girls Girls Girls
Italy = 50ft Woman

Croatia = After the Ice

Republic Of Ireland = Death Surf

Group D

England = Hot Spell
Sweden = Ravens In Paris
Ukraine = Brand New Second Hand
France = Carousel

Sweepstake B

Group A

Czech Replublic = WSR

Greece = The Swines

Russia = Bernadette Bentley

Poland = Jem, Mickey and Jake


Group B

Germany = The Pony Collaboration

Denmark = Esther Dee and the Carousel
Netherlands = The Outbursts

Portugal = Sunshine Drunk


Group C

Spain = Bev Lee Harling
Italy = The Capris

Croatia = Bleak

Republic Of Ireland = Lenny


Group D

England = I Am A Pilot
Sweden = Kyla La Grange
Ukraine = Mug
France = The Playing Fields

World Cup 2014

The winner gets £20 worth of shop stock, and the runner up gets £12.

Group A

Brazil - Brunch

Croatia - Brand New Second Hand 
Cameroon - Spitehouse 
Mexico - SCi-Fi Circus 


Group B

Spain - Mark Bowman

Netherlands - Caroline Smiling

Chile - Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers 

Australia - The Outlaw Cyclists 


Group C

Columbia - The Outbursts

Greece - Madcap Stranger 

Ivory Coast - The Great Malarkey
Japan - The Unfortunates 


Group D

England - Colin Samurai 

Uruguay - Japanese Fighting Fish

Italy - Gentleman's Dub Club 
Costa Rica - The Skatalysts 


Group E

France  - Liquorice River 

Switzerland - New Infection 

Ecuador - Under The Sun 
Honduras - Rising Without A Kingdom


Group F

Argentina - Hummingbird

Nigeria - Asymmetry 

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Ravens In Paris

Iran - Metamorphic 


Group G

Germany - Müg 

Portugal - Long Teeth 

USA - Arthur Gun

Ghana - Vivienne Youel 


Group H

Russia - Whelligan
South Korea - Los Crujientes 
Belgium - Insanity Syndrome 
Algeria - Model Village 

European Championships 2016.

The winner gets £25 worth of shop stock, and the runner up gets £10.

Group A

France - Old Man Of The Woods
Romania - 111 
Albania - Dirty Palace
Switzerland - Oso

Group B 

England - HTH: Hope Through Hostility
Russia - Heman Sheman v
Wales - The Machine Gunners
Slovakia - The Planes

Group C

Germany - The Outlaw Cyclists
Ukraine - Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers
Poland - Two Dials 
Northern Ireland - Three Girl Rhumba 

Group D

Spain - J Churcher 
Czech Republic - Halfpenny Pass
Turkey - Müg
Croatia - Bozo Zoo 

Group E

Belgium - Utrecht
Italy - Japanese Fighting Fish 
Republic of Ireland - Lazy Habits 
Sweden - The Great Malarkey 

Group F

Portugal - Those Unfortunates 
Iceland - Jawless 
Austria - The Outbursts 
Hungary - Model Village

World Cup 2018

Group A

Russia - Drunk on Tuesday

Saudi Arabia - Mur-Man

Egypt - Parachute Words

Uruguay -  HTH: Hope Through Hostility

Group B

Portugal - Lazy Habits

Spain - Average Sex

Morocco - Müg

Iran - Drones Club

Group C

France - Jasmin Butler

Australia - Slip Digby

Peru - Walk Upright

Denmark - All This Were Fields

Group D

Argentina - Kan Beng

Iceland - Bad Sidekick

Croatia - Legal Freaks

Nigeria - The Nominees

Group E

Brazil - Field Trip To The Moon

Switzerland - Bad Lungs

Costa Rica - Cornelis Gerard

Serbia - The Outbursts

Group F

Germany - New River

Mexico - Sur Sol 

Sweden - Model Village

South Korea - Those Unfortunates

Group G

Belgium - Bozo Zoo

Panama - NitroVille

Tunisia - Nia Wyn

England - The Great Malarkey

Group H

Poland - The Ethical Debating Society

Senegal - Bottlerocket

Colombia - Saults

Japan - Karma Sheen


European Championships 2020


On this occasion we again had two bands assigned to each team, with the wining team getting £25 for their bands, and the bands that drew the finalist getting £10 of shop credit.


Group A

Turkey - Kagool & Lazy Habits
Italy - The Great Malarkey & Supermarionation
Wales - Eat The Evidence & Chorusgirl
Switzerland - Kan Beng & Ashley

Group B

Denmark - Box Time & model village
Finland - Hope Through Hostility & Duvet
Belgium - The Nominees & Atvm
Russia - Rose Madder & Paul Mosley

Group C

Ukraine - Legal Freaks & New River
Netherlands - Murman & Harriet
Austria - Ben & Steve White And The Protest Family
North Macedonia - All This Were Fields & Shiver

Group D

England -  The Ethical Debating Society & Qlowski
Croatia -  Weird Milk & The Liberty Bells
Czech Republic -  Müg & Leave To Remain
Scotland  - Jawbone & Cowboy Flying Saucer

Group E

Spain - Bottlerocket & Rob Morgan
Poland - Eye Child & Parachute Words & Zulu Winter
Sweden - Late Hala & Max and Elliot
Slovakia -  The Outbursts & Party Boss

Group F

Germany - Lombardos & Nøught
France - Happy Couple & Jasmin Butler
Portugal - Marn & Slip Digby
Hungary - Fortnight In Florida & Liam


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