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Want to book yourself a place on the next Carousel Sessions Event?   Here's what to do:


1) Choose the event that you want to book, having checked that there is availability on that event on our spreadsheet.

2) E-mail us with your booking request, at with
- Your name

- What slot you want to take. (You can also let us know what instrument you play and we can put you in the best slot) 
- A list of the 5 songs on our song list that you like the most, so that we can then build up a profile of what musical tastes the people in each studio have, as a whole.  Here's a reminder of those songs

- If you have any other questions or special requirements, please let us know here. 
3)  We will then reply to you to let you know that we've saved the spot for you, and send you an invoice and our banking details so that you can make your payment via bank transfer.  We can also accept Paypal payments, with no charge  by paying via the "gift or family and friends option", and a 60p fee for paying via the "Goods and services" option, to cover the fees that Paypal adds for this option.  Remember, in the event that a Carousel Session is not completely booked up,  all of the payments of people who booked who cannot attend are 100% refundable.   



4) Upon you making the payment we will then email you your receipt, and confirmation that your slot has been reserved. Well in advance of the event we will then send you an email with all of the other information that you need for the event. If at any point you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We've had approximately 30,000 sessions booked with us since we opened, our #1 focus is making sure that our customers are taken care of. Whatever you need, we're here for you.  


The Bally Studios team. 

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