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Solo Sessions at Bally Rehearsal Rooms in London

Single Person Bookings
Most of the bookings we have at Bally Studios are from bands, but often individual people like to use our studios too.   It might be a drummer who lives somewhere that they can't play a full drumkit; they'll play with pads at home, but they also like to have a go on the full drumkit, or maybe they want to blow off some steam after sitting behind a desk for 9 hours a day. Sometimes it's a singer who wants to practice singing through a PA system with a backing track, or a guitarist who wants to try out a new guitar amp on full volume.  Whoever it is, when there's only one person booking the session the benefits of not having to co-ordinate different schedules is balanced by the extra costs.  A band will usually split the fee 3 or 4 ways between the different members, but for people wanting a session on their own they have to pay for all of it.  That's why we now offer solo rehearsals.
Here's the deal:

As there is only 1 person, we charge £6.50 an hour, no matter what room it is in.   It can even go down to £5 per hour, depending on how many sessions you book.   That means it's up to 50% cheaper than band rehearsals. Here's why:
As there is only 1 person, even the smallest room will be more then big enough.  That way, we can move your booking from one room to another, in advance, and not miss out on any other booking. As your session won't stop us losing out on any other potential booking, we can offer it for much cheaper.
We also book your session around the other bookings.  This is why we won't take a booking 7 days in advance for the 8pm - 9pm slot.  If we did that, we might miss out on a band doing a 7pm - 11pm slot, which would earn us £46, simply for a £6.50 booking.   That's just not good business.  We only have 5 rehearsal studios and they are usually pretty full, so we have to prioritise the higher rate bookings, but if you don't mind booking your rehearsal around other sessions, you will get it a lot cheaper.  You help us make money, we'll help you save it.  

Most of the time the solo rehearsal are between 5pm - 7pm, between the end of the day session and the start of the evening evening sessions, and even from 10pm - 11pm, if a band leaves at 10pm.  We find that solo rehearsal are a lot more flexible.  It is not unusual that someone will suddenly have a few hours spare for one reason or the other and feel like a rehearsal. By contrast it is very rare that 4 or 5 people will simultaneously have a free few hours and want to book a session at a few minutes notice.  Hence, most of the solo rehearsals are very last minute.    Weekends are popular too, as we have more time to move the sessions around.  

Once your session is booked the timeslot won't change.  We'll make sure it is not booked in a time that we will have to move, so that you won't get messed around.  The room might change though, but as we have the same PA's and backline in all rooms, and as we can move the equipment from room to room that hopefully shouldn't matter too much.   

Block Bookings Discounts:
Book a 1 hour slot, and you pay £6.50 for the hour.
Book 10 hours worth of sessions, and it's £60 up front. (£6 per hour.)
Book 20 hours worth of bookings, and it's £100 up front. (£5 per hour.)
If you book more than 1 hour you can use your sessions as and when you want, you don't need to schedule them all at the same time when you pay for them.  You can book 20 hours of sessions, book a 1 hour session and then when you leave you'll have 19 hours of sessions left on the tab for whenever you want.   You can then call another day, book in for another hour, and we will knock another hour off of the tab.   If you decide to stay longer than the time that you booked for,  (if the rehearsal studios are available), and you do 1 hour 45 mins, we'll knock 1 and three-quarters off of your tab, until it's all gone.  Your time doesn't expire after a certain amount of time, there's no limits, no funny business.  
It's just for people doing solo rehearsals.  If you bring along a friend for a duo session, that won't count as a solo rehearsal.  Even if you bring a friend to watch you, we can't allow that to be a solo session unfortunately.   BUT, if you are an instrument teacher that counts as a solo rehearsal, so that you can keep more of the lesson fee that you charge your student.  We can even provide a second drumkit if it's available for no extra fee, but only if it is available. (It's best to check with us in advance that this is the case.)   If you need an iPod connector to plug into into the Pa, we have them too.   As always, no extra fees, and free tea and coffee, as well as free parking.

Seeing as most of the single person sessions that we have are for drummers, here are some photos of the drumkits. If you like the look of any of them over any others please let us know and we'll try out very best to make sure that you get that drum kit. 
Bally Studio 3.jpg
Bally Studio 4
Bally Studio Drums
Bally Studio 3
Bally Studio 1
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