Bally Studio's Best Albums of 2015

We hope that everyone has had a fantastic 2015, and that 2016 has started just as well. smile emoticon Back in Feb 2015 we decided to try to listen to a new album released in 2015 every single day. In the end we managed to listen to 389 of them. Our verdict is that there were no albums that are likely to be in the best 40 albums ever - no 'Revolver', 'Pet Sounds', 'Kind Of Blue', 'Exile On Main Street', 'Blonde on Blonde' or 'Horses', but despite that most of them were pretty good, about 60 of them were really good, and 30 of them were absolutely great. So here, for the 5th year in a row, is our list of the best 50 albums we heard in the year. Same rules as always - No bumping Bally Bands up

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