Tottenham Does Not Need New Plans, It Needs The Current Ones To Be Implemented

by Jimmy Mulvihill 23rd March 2015 There was an interesting article over the weekend in The Guardian about the regeneration of Tottenham. However, here are some actual quotes from the article. “Great things are promised” “Those involved talk of “pulling together”, of ‘cross-party consensus’, of borough, mayor and national government transcending their traditional differences in order to get something done.” That’s all well and good, but it is missing a basic point. As obvious as it sounds, just because there are plans for regeneration it doesn’t mean that they will happen. Here is a link to the plans for the new Spurs Football Stadium…… from 2008.

The Death Of The London Music Scene, Part 1.

by Jimmy Mulvihill 14th February 2015 The music industry is one of the most competitive industries imaginable, and London is it’s epicentre. For hundreds of years many acts from all over the world have travelled here to use the capital as a launchpad for their careers, and there are also numerous bands fortunate enough to have been brought up here. Many of which are our customers, and typically their locational fortune is not lost upon them. Like a goldfish that grows to it’s bowl their ambitions grow to the size of their potential market, and considering their market is more than 10 million people, this means that we deal with a lot of bands who have grand ambitions and a focus to match, an

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