A Tale Of 8 Tottenhams. 1. Tottenham Hale

Seeing as this is where we are based, and the part of Tottenham that most of our customers will know best, we will start with Tottenham Hale. This area is the part of Tottenham that is least representative of Tottenham as a whole. Most people's opinion of the area is that it is a little bit of a thoroughfare. I wouldn't dispute that, to be fair. Many people get the tube to Tottenham Hale and change here to get the train to Stansted Airport, or Hertfordshire, and there are buses that go from the station to parts of London ill served by the tube, like Edmonton and Enfield. Many people going to Ikea change here also, so it does have a bit of a transient feel about it. However, with the recent r

A Tale Of 8 Tottenhams - Introduction

Unit 16, 17, 18. MillMead Business Centre, MillMead Road, Tottenham Hale, London, N17 9QU. That’s the address of Bally Studios. Tottenham Hale. As opposed to Tottenham. Not Tottenham Green, or Tottenham High Road. Tottenham Hale. Sometimes people ask, “why is it called Tottenham Hale, as opposed to Tottenham?” Well, for a start, it was not really my choice. When I took over the business in 2005, that was the address. I did not really question the “Hale” part, I just accepted that it was part of the address. However, it is an important distinction, and it says a lot about the area in general. Tottenham Hale is very different to Tottenham: Tottenham as a whole is an incredibly varied area. In

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