How To Kill The Market For Ticket Touting.

by Jimmy Mulvihill January 22nd 2015 If you want to see any major music event these days you have one of two options: you can either wake up at 8:45am and be at your computer by 9am to keep tapping that F5 button in the hope that you strike lucky, or you can resort to buying them through a tout, or as they are known in North America, a scalper. This can be in the form of a guy from South London who is wearing a Man Utd beanie cap standing outside the venue (“…, buy or sell, anyone got any tickets, buy or sell……”) or in the guise of a web company with a high Google ranking, a sleek website, and a wish to part you with as much money as possible. Sadly the odds are not in your favour –

15 True Stories Of Things That Have Happened At Bally Studios From 2005 - 2012.

by Jimmy Mulvihill January 21st 2015 It's an interesting job working at a rehearsal stuidos, Although a lot of the work isn't that glamorous (cleaning rooms, emptying bins, fixing broken cables, etc) it's still a lot more interesting than most. Jimmy has cast his mind back to 15 things that have happened at the studio over the first 10 years that have stuck in his memory, all of them true. 1) I was once taking payment from a band at the end of a session, when the band member I was dealing with suddenly had a terrified look come over his face. He just froze, and “shhushed” me, while trying to listen to something. I stayed quiet, not being sure what was happening. When I started listening t

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