10 things I learned from chatting to over 100 other rehearsal studios during the COVID-19 pandemic.

by Jimmy Mulvihill October 1st 2020 2020’s been a wild ride for everyone, to say the least. On March 23rd we (Bally Studios) closed our doors to the public, and for the next 124 days we had no bookings. None. For perspective, in the previous 8 years there had been 19 days that we were open where we had no bookings. Thankfully most of our staff members were eligible for the furlough scheme that was announced by the UK government on the following day, and those that didn’t had full time employment elsewhere. However, we knew that we would still have approximately £2,500-£3,000 worth of costs to pay for rent and bills each and every month with no income to cover it, so we made an applica

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