Night Mayor, Part 2: If Market Forces Are Killing The Music Industry, They Can Save It Too

By Jimmy Mulvihill 9th November 2015 In our previous blog post, we focused on the possible appointment of a London Night Time Mayor to boost the night time economy, with a particular focus on the entertainment industry. We also looked at the market forces that have been such a large factor in the decline of the music industry over recent years, particularly in London Sadly it is depressingly easy to pinpoint the cause of this decline, and it all comes down to money. If music venues were generating the same amount of tax revenue as other businesses in Britain, then they would not be in such a perilous position. You can beat around the bush as much as you want, but that is what it all comes d

Night Mayor Part 1: Why London's Night Mayor May Become A Nightmare For The Music Industry.

by Jimmy Mulvihill 2nd November 2015 As the slow decline of London’s music scene rumbles on towards the Christmas period, a time in which a combination of people saving up for presents and attending work Christmas parties means that gigs traditionally have a marked drop in attendance, Boris Johnson has seemingly given the music industry a cause for hope with his backing of a potential Night Mayor for London. This would be a position created solely to concentrate on boosting the capital’s night time economy, particularly concentrating on entertainment, and considering how many late-night live music venues have been closing recently, it’s easy to see at first glance where the optimism it has

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