A Brief History Of MillMead Business Centre

by Jimmy Mulvihill 16th January 2016 Whenever a band turns up to the studios we'll usually have a bit of a chat to them, and when it's the first time that we meet them there are a few topics that invariably come up - we usually ask them how they arrived, where they traveled from, and how long it took for them to get here - in case we can recommend a quicker route for them to take - and they usually ask how long we have been here, how many bands use us, how many rooms we have, and - most commonly - what the building we are based in was before. We'd say about 50% of people mention that it looks like a hospital or a school, and there was actually a time that we were told by others that it had

Northumberland Park, Tottenham - An Area Fit For The Tube

By Jimmy Mulvihill October 16th, 2012. Bally Studios recently celebrated 7 years of trading in Tottenham Hale, and as co-founder I have been based in the area for over 8 years. In 2003 I was living in Highbury and Islington with my partner a few minutes walk away from the tube station, paying £798 a month for a 300 sqft one bedroom flat in St Pauls Road. The bedroom, a single, could barely accommodate a double bed. You had to climb over the bed to get to the wardrobe. There was no kitchen, just a small kitchenette in the corner of the sitting room, and the bathroom was windowless. We lived on a busy main A-road where lorries would pass constantly, and had a small unofficial ledge for outsid

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