Bally Studios Best Albums Of 2013

Although it sounds quite obvious, the whole reason why Bally Studios was originally set up, and the reason why the people that work there do so, was because we really, really, really love great music. And I mean, we really love it! Really, we do! Anyway, seeing as one of us, (Jimmy), had to gather together his favourite albums of the year for the various magazines he works for, we thought that we would create a Spotify Playlist of these albums, so that the people who come to us could check out the albums that were particularly excellent this year. We even created a sampler playlist too, so that you could hear one track from all 40 albums in less than 2 hours 19 mins. Albums of the Year Album

Interview Between Bally's Jimmy Mulvihill and

Here is an article that was printed on which featured an interview with Bally Studio's founder, Jimmy Mulvihill ----------------------------------------------------- Bally Rehearsal Studios might be tucked away on an industrial state in Tottenham in North London, but it’s seen some pretty high profile acts come through its doors such as Coldplay, Bombay Bicycle Club, Caribou and Snow Patrol. Founder Jimmy Mulvihill is no stranger to the music scene, having played in bands, promoted shows, recorded and produced bands and written for music press. So we were pretty chuffed when we got to have an in depth conversation about the studios and the state of the ‘industry’. What is

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