A Tale Of 8 Tottenhams: 8. Bruce Castle and Lordship Lane

Musicians can be sarcastic little buggers at the best of times, and many times when we mention the area of Bruce Castle the retort is, “Bruce Castle? So, is there actually a Castle there then?” Well, yes, of course there is, it was built in the 16th century and it is one of England's oldest brick houses. Ha, you never expected that, did you!! Tottenham has it's own Castle!! Highbury and Islington doesn't, nor does Soho, and neither does Shoreditch, but we do!!! In your face, Stoke Newington, suck it Dalston!!! Bruce Castle is Tottenham's historic epicentre, so here's the chance to give a bit of history about important events that made Tottenham what it is today. Bruce Castle itself was fi

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