A Tale Of 8 Tottenhams - 5. White Hart Lane

White Hart Lane is an area within Tottenham, but it's more famous as the home of Tottenham Hotspur with their football stadium dominating the whole area. 95% of visitors come for match days only, simply because there is not much more to the area, and there is maybe a possibly slightly sinister reason why this is. Sometimes on this blog I have touched upon subjects which fail to show the area in a positive manner, and unfortunately this is a case where I have to do it again. Nearly every single shop around Tottenham Hotspur's stadium seems to be derelict, and whilst I'm not certain why this is, it's easy to speculate as to the cause. Now, I certainly don't want to say anything that could be

A Tale Of 8 Tottenhams - 4. South Tottenham.

South Tottenham, is located, as you would imagine, at the very south of Tottenham, and it borders the predominantly Jewish-based community of Stamford Hill. Of all the areas that Tottenham as a whole borders, Stamford Hill is the area which many would see as being the most affluent, and therefore this is what has caused the knock-on effect to South Tottenham, in that it boasts much of the most expensive properties within the area. I have seen property's go for £500,000 for a three-bedroom, which is simply unheard of in other parts of Tottenham. For example, in Northumberland Park you might be paying £250,000 for a property with a similar specification. Much of this may just be down to basic

A Tale Of 8 Tottenhams - 3. Bruce Grove

Bruce Grove is the area that most people will have seen of Tottenham. For the wrong reasons. You remember the big building on the corner that was set fire to for the Tottenham Riots? That was in Bruce Grove. As was the bus that was set alight. So it's a bad area, yes? Well, no, I actually quite like it!!! There are a lot of good aspects about the area. The main area is centered around Tottenham High Rd. This road runs North-South, with a spur coming off it in the very centre of Bruce Grove, which comes off it in a North-West direction, towards Lordship Lane. On this road, there are a few types of shops. You have the usual chain stores: Asda, Greggs, McDonald's, KFC, the usual banks, etc. And

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