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The whole music industry revolves around a simple premise of bands making great music, and people who love music listening to it on record or in a live setting. Whilst listening to music on record can be done on headphones or on a small stereo, for music to be created and recorded, and for live concerts to be held, the volume of the music needs to increase and that is easier said than done. In fact, it is the repercussions of this need for noise that is killing the music industry. It is a sad irony that the very essence of what makes music so great – the freedom to express oneself freely and being able to appreciate that music in a room filled with like-minded people who share that love – co

A Call For Clear, Definitive And Quantitative Guidelines With Regards To Noise Regulations Within Th

Letter to Political candidates and political parties On Monday 13th April the following letter will be sent out to major and minor political parties that are standing in the general election this year, as well as local councils, local council candidates and other organisations that have an influence in making legislation that affects the music industry. if you support the cause behind this letter, please contact us on our Facebook page, to add your name to the cause, and spread the word of the campaign as far and wide as possible. Thanks. Bally Studios. ========================== Dear Sir Madam We are writing to you to ask for clarification on your pol

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